Friday, July 18, 2008

Family Bonding

It may sound weird, but some of my fondest memories of “family bonding” growing up came from cleaning up small floods in the basement, either after a very heavy rain or if the drains backed up. This happened again a few days ago at my house, after my parents finished some unrelated plumbing fixes in the upstairs bathroom. Dad happened to go downstairs to get a tool or something, and came back up to tell Mom and I that there was water everywhere. Without any pause they immediately jumped into action with the shopvac and some rugs, and in a short time our team effort resulted in a nearly dry floor. The worst part: it was almost fun.

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Anonymous said...

It may sound "weird-er", but I have the same memories: Saturday evenings with mops, rugs and my mom's ringer washing machine to squeeze out the water (no shop-vac in those days). Such adventures we have!