Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thoughts on Naming Children

I have a friend named Kayla. She has two siblings: a sister Kasey and a brother Kyle. Notice a theme? I do.

And for no apparent reason this got me thinking recently about how I want to name my children some day. What I’ve determined is that I must marry someone whose name starts with either a J, K, or possibly an I (but I can’t for the life of me think of anyone I’ve met whose name starts with the letter I).


Because, if I marry J, then all of our children could be named with J’s...

Or, if I marry K, then our children could be named progressively with L, M, N... (I hope there’s not more than three...) The same applies to “I”, but in reverse (H, G, F...)

Ridiculous? You bet! I’m of course not going to limit myself to relationships with people whose names start with I, J, and K, but who knows, maybe I’ll meet someone with my same sense of humor who likes this schema for child-naming... I’ll keep dreaming.

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Anonymous said...

When we were naming baby lovebirds hatched in our home, we kept the clutches straight by choosing one letter to begin all the names in the same clutch. Clutch (batch) #1 were all J names, clutch #2 were all M names and #3 were all P names. This proved helpful whenever we referred to them by name.

When it came to naming our son, we were struck with what an awesome task it was. He would (most likely) live with this name for the rest of his life. We would be saying his name for the rest of ours. It needed to fit many needs for all of us - including what his initials were. We still ran into the fact that, at the same time, "Who Shot JR?" (on Dallas) became the first, end-of-season cliff-hanger for TV shows. Whether or not one watched the show, everyone knew this question (and our son's initials are JR).

If interested in what it takes to name a child, try to watch the episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show when the Petries were trying to name their son.