Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm proud of my Mom

Mom just started the school year at a new [to her] preschool as their lead teacher. After over 20 years as lead teacher and director at her former school, the one where I went to preschool as a 3-year-old and had Mommy as Teacher, the church decided to close that program. There were lots of stupid politics involved, I guess no church is immune to those. And in the midst of that loss of her livelihood, Mom went out and applied to other jobs, picking up part time work at the assisted living place where my Grandpa lived, and also at a teacher supply store in... shoot, I should know this... Edina? Somewhere over there. Point being, Mom worked three jobs last year, and on top of that had several interviews for teaching jobs this year.

And by "had several interviews", I mean once she put the word out that she was looking for a teacher job, people were practically knocking the door down trying to get her to come to their programs. Not even joking. I guess that's a huge perk of building relationships with so many other directors over the last 20+ years, many of them knew her and knew how awesome she is, so it ended up that finding a job wasn't the problem, it was choosing which of several offers to take!

I'm very proud of my Mom. I don't tell her that often enough, so it's a good thing she reads my blog :)


Noelle said...

Good for her. We've dealt with our fair share of church politics in the past (which resulted in job loss as well), and it's always so difficult to come to terms with. I'm glad she was able to have so much success finding another position eventually!

Estelle Hasert said...

I totally agree with you! Your mom is very special & a wonderful friend, as well as a committed teacher/director! She will do well in the new job. Give her a hug for me:)

Mom said...

Well, it IS a good thing Mom reads your blog. I have to admit, with three jobs, it has taken me this long to get back to reading it, this fall. It was perfect timing, however. I REALLY needed to hear this message, today. Once again, you have given me a much-needed shot-in-the-arm. My heartfelt thanks!