Monday, February 04, 2013

Goals update for 2012-2013

Last October I set a[n ironic] goal for myself of setting "reasonable, achievable goals." Let's see how I'm doing:

Set reasonable, achievable goals
Also, Stop stressing about how much I can't accomplish
Measurable success. I'm still overly-optimistic in my list-making, but I actively give myself grace, by accepting my daily list of tasks is not a "must get done" list, but rather a smorgasbord of things I could during my day. As former coworker Keith frequently reminded me, "if it gets done, it gets done."

Sub-goal: Punctuality
Measurable success. Still a ways to go, but making headway towards leaving and arriving on time!

Avoid procrastination
Measurable success. I love when I get into a "get things done" mood, such a natural high.

Focus on tasks that matter
Marginal success; I still have a hard time saying "no."

Focus on people that matter
Measurable success. I need to become even more discerning, but feel I've done pretty well allocating time thus far.

Take one thing at a time
Success. The multi-tasking I do choose to do, I'm able to handle, and the moment it becomes too much, I back off and remind myself "just do this one thing."

Accept that I cannot solve every problem

Okay. I'm trying.

Marginal success.

Strive toward better anger management
Mostly successful. I still catch myself writing an exasperated Facebook comment every now and then, but when it comes to "stupid people emails," I'm rocking it. One time John (my friend who volunteered himself as my anger-management mentor) even said there's nothing he would change from what I'd written!

Move on from Minnehaha
Marginal success. Overall it's been a natural progression - Cray is taking most of my time, so there's not a whole lot left of me to give to MA. I still miss the half of my job that I loved (building cool web tools and scripts), and I suppose I will miss that for a while.

Eat more healthfully

I mean, marginal to measurable success. I'm cutting down on the sweets, let's call that forward progress.

Take responsibility for my own actions
Owning it. Success.

Sub-goal: be discerning about whose opinions I let matter

Second sub-goal: find my value in the Lord; aka, be myself, and do so unashamedly.
Fail on the first half, success on the second half. I am definitely more comfortable in my own skin, I'm owning my beliefs, I'm owning my actions. At the same time, I continue to judge my self-worth based on the wrong metrics (job, relationship status, cool things I've done, number of friends, etc). That needs to change.

Spend time with God
Success at first, fail in recent weeks.

Continue maintaining a healthful life/work balance
Success at first, fail in recent weeks. This is my highest priority to change.

Take more risks
Mostly success. I just started ComedySportz's intro level improv class, and that is pushing me to stretch myself in the risk-taking arena.

Don't ever settle
Success. If anything, I might be doing this one too well.

I'd like to add two goals to this list:

Take a vacation!
Self-explanatory :)

Always speak my heart
The most obvious example is not waiting to tell someone how you feel about them (specifically I have in mind ἔρως or φιλία). A less obvious example might mean standing up for what I know in my heart to be true, whether that's about God's love, stopping the spread of gossip, words of encouragement, or something else completely - I'm rather bad at coming up with examples.

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