Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Workplace Christianity

I've been thinking about this question recently: what does it mean to be a Christian in the workplace?

Obviously the answer depends somewhat on where you work, but I'm of the opinion faith should more often be lived than preached anyway. Also obviously, each person's answer is highly individualistic, so I'm just gonna share mine.

For me, living my faith means being present to listen to a coworker having a rough day.

It means my coworkers know that when I ask, "how are you doing?" I genuinely want to know the answer. And it means listening to their response without an agenda.

It means I have a reminder posted on my cubicle wall where I can see it as I talk to people standing just outside my cube, that says "you are in your mission field; remember to listen to the nudges" (meaning, spiritual nudges).

It means checking in with coworkers the day after I know they had a difficult medical or care appointment with a family member.

It means dropping off a card on the one-year anniversary of a loved one's death (a ministry I learned from my Mom).

It means taking small steps toward gossiping less (which I have been a complete failure at recently, but I'm trying to take small steps toward stopping).

It means praying for my coworkers each morning when I wake up.

It means not being afraid to bring my faith into a conversation if it starts heading that direction.

It means prioritizing relationships and not seeing people as "projects," but as fellow children of God who are worthy of being heard and listened to.

And it probably means a lot more than just those, but that's all I can think of for right now.

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