Monday, March 28, 2011

Going to WWDC11

For over a month I've stalked Apple's web server, lurking in wait for any news about this year's Worldwide Developers Conference. And by "stalked" I mean I set it as my browser's home page, and also wrote a script on my server that checked the WWDC home page every 20 minutes, then text my phone if there were any change in the source code.

Over the last week the script had a couple misfires, and then this morning, my phone woke me up a little after 8 with the same text message. Sigh. Roll over. Open a web browser on my phone, pull up the page. Blink. What? Could it be? WWDC11? Adrenaline rush. Throw back covers, run to computer, yes it's true! Call work, verify I have approval to purchase the non-refundable $1599 ticket, approval confirmed, hang up, glance through some of the pages on the WWDC site, then BUY MY TICKET! Woohoo! San Francisco here I come!

Last year the conference sold out in 8 days, and they're expecting this year to sell out even sooner. Which is why I purchased my ticket literally within one hour of when they became available. Score.


Crow said...

*facepalms* Great Googly Moogly.. Judge judge judge judge

Jeremy Gustafson said...

I just looked - literally less than 11 hours after they posted the info WWDC11 is ALREADY SOLD OUT.