Saturday, October 19, 2013

Re-instated as a blood donor!

3 years ago the Red Cross mistakenly tagged my donated blood as "inconclusive" for HepC, and they black-listed me from donating for life. Despite a letter from my doctor with clean test results, they refused to budge.

Every so often I called the Red Cross to ask (politely) if they'd gotten over themselves yet and would let me donate again. To my surprise, a few months ago the answer was "maybe" - they've finally created a donor-reinstatement program - so we scheduled an appointment to re-test my blood.

At the donor center, I was happy to find Beverly, my favorite bloodletter, still worked there; we got to catch up on the last three years while working through the paperwork and blood-sampling.

A couple weeks ago, the donor reinstatement lady who'd been helping me left me a voicemail: my results were clean, and I'd receive an official letter in the mail once their new computer system was up and running.

That letter arrived in this morning's mail, which means I’m officially re-instated! Heading over to to schedule an appointment now. Maybe you'll join me?

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Mom said...

Congratulations on your persistence! Grandpa Ray, a long-standing blood and platelet donor himself, would be so proud of you!!