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What I'm looking for

This is post #19 (the final post) in Where's Jeremy (2013), and is a follow-on to my concluding comments in post #18

My friend Hannah asked me a few months ago what, specifically, I was looking for in a woman. Below is the email I wrote her:

What I'm looking for can be summed up in two words: Taylor Swift :)
What's that? Reality called? Oh. Okay.

Well... how about all this, then:

My demographics:

Caucasian male, 28, I live in Minneapolis and work at a computer company in St Paul. I drink socially, smoke never, have no fashion sense, usually run late (working on it), and lean left politically. Most importantly, I'm a child of God.

My profile, as it [used to] appears on
I'm Jeremy, a Minneapolis native, filmmaker, musician, computer geek, and aspiring pastor. My friends described me as loyal, good-hearted, "weirdly awesome", and genuine (though of course it's impossible to sum up an entire person in only one word).

My Dad has always "worked with computers," and I've followed those footsteps, first as a web developer at my high school, and more recently as a software tester and systems admin at Cray, the Supercomputer Company.

One of my passions is working on productions, usually movie sets. Ironically, though, I rarely make it out to see movies in the theatres, so if you ever ask "have you seen such-and-such?", the answer's probably no. Netflix is helping culture me with some classics; I wouldn't object to having your help, too!

Pinocchio and Abraham Lincoln I am not, but I can't tell a lie to save my life. My psych eval while journeying toward seminary said I'm abnormally honest and forthcoming - I choose to believe this is a good thing.

I love asking deep questions, and talking about life and God and stuff.

I love worship. Music is how I connect with the Spirit: playing my guitar, singing in church, or taking a road trip and letting my mind get lost in the lyrics.

I love Taylor Swift. Don't judge me.

I am terrified of worms. I love falling asleep to a thunderstorm, but when the worms slither all over the sidewalk and I have to walk near them, I shriek like a 5-year-old. It's embarrassing.

Feel free to ask me anything - I don't have many (any?) secrets.

Who are you? Let's talk about what doesn't matter: it doesn't matter if you're divorced, a single parent, always been single, whatever. It doesn't matter if you're rock solid on your faith or struggling through a lot of questions. It doesn't matter if you're shy or outgoing. And it doesn't matter if you do or don't know where God's calling you. We can walk that journey together, if you're willing.

Ideally, you and I share one or more passions in common (in addition to God, that is): music, movie-making, drama, caring for others.

If I'm afraid my answer might be boring, I have a tendency of giving short answers to deep questions. Ideally, you're someone who won't let me get away with that.

Maybe most critically important, when my parents and I have game nights, we always take red, green, and blue, so… here's hoping you like yellow :)

My website, which says a lot more about me:

And a list of fun, random facts about me:

Specifics of who I'm looking for:

A woman who:
  • has a strong desire for faith (important distinction here: doesn't necessarily mean they're an ├╝ber-Christian, but rather that they are actively *seeking* God and have that desire to know God better)
  • is intellectual (someone who gets my awful, punny jokes; also, someone who I can explain my geeky job to)
  • is considerate of other people (the specific examples I have in mind: you don’t cut in front of other people in line, and if you notice there are people trying to pass you when you’re walking, you move to the side and let them)
  • listens, asks good questions, and will not let me get away with easy answers (and won't let me try to divert questions back to her when she's asking about me)
  • will call me out when I say something stupid or unsubstantiated
  • will challenge me to be a better me (example: "let's go buy a sandwich for that homeless person")
  • can forgive mistakes, because I'm not perfect (and I'm pretty forgiving, too)
  • does not smoke

And *ideally* also, someone who:
  • overlaps in at least one major area of interest: music, production, movie-making, drama, ministering to friends in need
  • has had some life experience, and has a life of their own (aka, we do not become each other's entire lives)
  • as my friend John puts it, "has their shit together" (doesn't mean she has her entire life figured out, but she knows who she is)
  • doesn't need to be rich to be happy

Lastly, be advised I've really got a thing for blonde hair, but that is not a requirement.

Ready? Go! :)

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