Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Perfect Bathroom

A few weeks ago I started thinking, “if I ever own a public building and have the opportunity, what would my perfect public bathroom look like?”

- Motion sensor lighting to save electricity
- Stalls with full floor to ceiling height walls with grated doors for privacy
- Manual flush toilet (I hate those automatic ones that flush before you’re done)
- Manual, single handle faucets with automatic soap dispensers next to each of them
- Automatic hand dryers, and also automatic paper towel dispensers, but not the kind that you have to wave your hand in front of them hoping they might choose to have mercy, rather the kind that automatically dispenses a new towel whenever the previous towel is torn off
- A trash can right next to the [preferably outwardly opening] door

Most of these are sanitary more than cosmetic preferences. For example, I always use my last paper towel to open the door when I’m exiting the restroom, because there are a lot of idiots who don’t wash their hands, and I don’t want to touch that handle. This means a trash can next to the door is a necessity. An outwardly opening door helps solve this germ problem even more, because you don’t have to actually touch it, just lean against it or shove it open with your foot.

Random? Such is life.