Friday, August 11, 2006

A Wonderful Community

This is a short entry, but I've been reminded so many times over the past several week of just how special a place Minnehaha Academy is to work, that I felt inspired to share that today. It may sound cliché, but the reality is that Minnehaha is an exceptional and wondrously loving and fulfilling place to work (at least on the good days, which are the majority). Some of the best reminders of this in recent days have come from my friends down in the development office - I have reason to stop down there about once a week to help one person or another, but when I'm there, commonly two or three others from the office will walk by the desk I'm working at and ask me to stop in to see them, too - the key points here: they know me by name, later in conversation it's clear that they care about me and my life as a person, and when we're done it's apparent that they've truly appreciated my help. Words don't do the feeling of satisfaction justice; it's a form of completeness, knowing that I am known, appreciated, and loved within this community - by the development office, business office, faculty from all campuses (I help teach them in the summer workshops!) and even by the janitorial staff - and yes, I do know almost all of the Minnehaha janitors by name.

That's it. Long rambling short: it's a special place, and for however long I stay there, I know it's an experience that is less than common in the "real" business world.

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