Sunday, September 10, 2006

That's a wrap! And let school begin

Finally, my long overdue post announcing that, *drumroll*, Harry Putter has wrapped! Our last day of shooting was on August 26th, starting from a 6:00 am call and running until about 7:30 pm that night - a long but absolutely wonderful day! We had an awesome crew, an awesome cast, and an awesome time all around - huge thanks are owed to Matthew Feeney for making it all possible; without his time, effort, and connections, the whole project would have sunk months ago.

So what's next? Everyone I've talked to asks me when the premiere is going to be. The answer is I don't know; we need to get a rough cut done first, and then it has to have the music score added, and then we'll be putting together the bonus features for the DVD, and then we will think about what premiere we can have, if we can have one at all (renting out a real theatre is expensive, and as I discovered would probably cost more than the entire budget of the film). Summary: a premiere, if there is one, is many months away.

In the while, I dropped off all the tapes with Tony Peltier (he ran sound during the HP production), who will be editing the film. Now it's in his hands - I just sit back and wait patiently. Which means Ben Latz, Matthew, and I can start looking toward other projects for the future, such as writing HP2 (this is, of course, based on the assumption that HP1 will turn out well - prayers are appreciated).

And it also means that I can start to focus more on school, now that St Olaf is back in session. I'm taking my final semester (third) of Norwegian, after which I will be done with my foreign language requirement! And I'm taking an Intro Astronomy course, which, aside from being of interest to me on general principle, will also be the last of my science GE requirements. Lastly, I'm taking two courses in the Computer Science area: Algorithms & Data Structures and Client Server Applications, both of which are highly project and programming intensive (C++ and Java, respectively), and thus both of which may very well be the kind of classes I've been waiting for out of the CS department here, thus, I'm excited.

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