Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Day 12

The day after a Daylight Savings Time shift always gives me trouble; last time around I was off by three hours all morning–yes, you heard me, three hours. No, I don't really know how it happened.

Today wasn't that bad. I thought I woke up at 9:00, actually it was 10:00 (since my self-setting alarm clock hadn't actually self-set over night); thank you cell phone and radio announcer for setting me straight on what time it really was. But, hmm, that means I have much less time to get ready for Church than I thought; that's okay, I'm a guy: I only need a couple minutes, anyway, and most of that is in brushing my teeth. I even had time to fold the towels I'd washed last night and then start this daily entry.

Just to keep life interesting, I went to Church at Boe today; actually, I went with a friend (the one from the phone message and run in last night), that's why I didn't head Emmaus-ward. Pastor Benson preached, and he said some things that really only a college pastor could get away with while talking about manure. He's the perfect college pastor, though; I don't know what St Olaf will do when he leaves.

After Church I went to lunch and found some friends to eat with, then it was off to the library. Nothing too eventful there, other than a most welcome surprise of actually finishing most all of my homework for Tuesday. Score! The book I read for Christian Theology and the Moral Life, "Lament for a Son", was surprisingly insightful; I'd expected it to be just like Kushner's book (which I read last year), but it was much more emotional, much less logical (this is neither a good nor bad thing, just an observation). In short, I was pleasantly surprised at how well-written and expressive it was; the author said just about everything I would have wanted to say if I were writing a book about suffering. The two books together, I think, would make a very nice complimentary pair.

I really feel that God's been talking to me a bit yesterday and today, giving me some direction on a very tangible idea I can use to just do something nice for a couple of my closest friends later this week; I think it again ties in well with what Terry mentioned about being the surprise.

On a completely different note, my voice recorder has been on one bar of battery life for several days now–normally it only lasts a few hours in that state. Hm. Surprise!

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