Monday, November 19, 2007

Walking Slowly

Maybe it's because I'm sooo not in a hurry to get to class, maybe it's because I'm feeling lazy, but for whatever the reason, I've noticed of late that I've been walking rather slowly... meandering, if you will, around campus, rather than my normal hustle and bustle, speedy race to and from classes. I'm finally learning to take my time, to let other people pass me, and to just be patient as I admire the campus, the wildlife (ie, squirrels), the construction, the sky, everything around me. It's so weird for me to not be in a hurry, but I'm finding it quite relaxing.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! There's an important message behind the words: "Stop and smell the roses."

(From some of my favorite rubber stamps):

"Take time from doing to enjoy being."

"Count among your blessings all the colors, beauties and splendors of a living earth." (Edward Cunningham)

"Life it seems goes way too fast. Simple pleasures will make it last. Slow down and watch a child at play, Cherish simplicity along the way. Reflect upon each day as it's passed. Simple pleasures will make it last." (T.J.Mills)