Saturday, June 21, 2008

Finding Nemo

I first saw Finding Nemo with a group of friends a few months ago at school, and, though I perhaps did not enjoy it quite to the same extent they did (I *did* like it, just didn’t love it), there was an important message I saw about just how much parents love their children. The Nemo story is about a child fish who gets lost, and his Dad’s quest to find him. His Dad braves the unknown ocean world and goes through ordeal after ordeal to find him, because he loves him so much.

I had a similar first-hand encounter with this love when my laptop was stolen in early April. Within two hours of hearing about the theft, my Dad was already cleaning off the data from one of his spare laptops so I could borrow it for the week, and later that day allowed me to order a replacement with his credit card while we waited for the insurance check to arrive later that week. Throughout the entire week my parents showed me nothing but pure love... Perhaps the Finding Nemo story about a Father’s love is allegorical, too? Hm...

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