Wednesday, February 25, 2009

40 Donations in 40 Days

Ash Wednesday snuck up on me this year. For a few weeks I’d pondered the idea of giving up Facebook for Lent and actually deactivating my account for these 40 days (I’ve never been one to give anything up in the past, it’s just an idea I had). But then Lent was here and I hadn’t yet posted notice on FB that I’d be turning off my account for a while, so it didn’t seem appropriate to do. I’ll endeavor to spend less time online, though, perhaps that’s worth something.

Instead, this year I’ve decided to add something to my schedule each day: I’ve felt God calling me toward donations recently, and so this Lent, each day I will donate something to a charity, church, foundation, something worthy, something God-honoring. Most of the time I suppose this will be monetary, but I know at least one day in there will be a blood donation, another will be clothing, and God may surprise me with some other random opportunities (here’s praying for that!).

Today, (Day 1), my chosen charity is the Ruth Harbor foundation in Des Moines, IA; a few weeks ago, one of their director-type people gave a short presentation at Zion Lutheran Church, where our entire Awaken cast and crew were attending that Sunday. “Ruth Harbor is a Christ-centered home for young women who are alone and facing unplanned pregnancies.” You can find out more about them from their website:

I’ve got a dozen-ish charities on my list, but I need almost 40... any suggestions you might have are very welcome!

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Anonymous said...

Think of the people and places that served us during your grandparents' illnesses and deaths. March is FoodShare Month. Think of animal shelters, vets, etc. Dawn Oler sent info. on agencies she works with that help supply school needs in New Orleans. I'll keep thinking...