Monday, April 06, 2009

A Lesson Learned from “Chuck”

Chuck is a TV series about a computer nerd who works at a Buy More as part of the Nerd Herd (a take off on Best Buy and the Geek Squad). He also happens to have all the CIA's secrets trapped in his brain.

In tonight's episode we finally meet Chuck's father, who abandoned his family when Chuck and his sister were younger. Chuck's sister, especially, does not take kindly to her father coming back into their lives after so many years away.

What I found blog-worthy was this lesson: late in the episode, we find out that Chuck's father is actually a former CIA agent himself. In fact, he's the one who designed the computer program that gets stuck in Chuck's brain, and he left his family in order to protect them, not because he's a bad father. It reminded me how often I pass judgement on someone's actions when, really, I probably don't understand everything that's going on in their life, I don't have the backstory or context that might justify why someone has acted the way they did. And too often I have turned to condemnation, rather than trying to understand, rather than showing love.

I enjoy being entertained by the TV. I enjoy it even more when what I'm watching challenges me to change the way I live my life. Chuck didn't beat me over the head with any moral message here, it's entirely me reading my own issues into the episode, yet somehow I imagine I can't be the only one...

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