Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Gift-Giving to Jeremy for Birthday/Christmas

To my family and friends, if you’re planning on sending a gift my way for Thanksgiving / my birthday / Christmas, then this post applies to you. Yes, you!

I'm trying to reduce my collection of random "stuff", so I'd rather not receive material gifts this year. Truly, your presence at any celebrations is more than enough. However, if you still feel inclined to give me something, please consider these alternatives instead of a traditional gift:

- a handwritten or typed note about our friendship
- a donation to AWAKEN, Heifer International, or ELCA Good Gifts.

Seriously, I don't need or want any more "stuff". Let's see what kind of good we can do in the world instead!


Mom said...

Parents are exempt, right? :)

Jeremy Gustafson said...

Parents are welcome to make monetary contributions to the "Jeremy Life Fund" :)

Okay, fine, parents are exempt.

Patrick said...

What about your grass? It will need watered next summer!