Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Christmas Letter 2010

Christmas and New Year's came and went, so I realize this "Christmas letter" is a little late. In my defense, I did tape it during the 12 days of Christmas, but it's taken this long to edit, find backgrounds and graphics, create the motion graphics, sync sound, work with the composer, color correct, render, export, encode, upload, and now finally post. I'm sort of proud of it. Enjoy.


Dolores said...

Jeremy..yes, you do great work behind the camera,no doubt about that but wow.. you should be in front of the camera more.. you look great there!!! nice letter and well worth the wait!!

Unknown said...

Jeremy, what a fun and heartwarming account of your last couple of years! You sure are talented and I wish you well as you venture to LA. We will miss you around here.

Anonymous said...

Murder mystery dinner party - awesome! Blonde hair - fun ;) Paying off debt and thinking ahead - wise. Precious time spent with friends and family - totally worth the long drives. Deepening your relationship with the One - nothing else compares.

Glad you're doing well. Praise God for health and life.

-Sabrina (DeBoe) Parcher

Unknown said...

Thanks Jeremy! What a great way to honor and share the life you are living so very fully. Glad I get to to be a little part of it all with you!
Melissa Lock