Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Apocalypse! See you Monday.

We can know. That's what they claimed.

So on Friday my coworkers and I jokingly quipped, "Happy Apocalypse! See you Monday."

While driving around this weekend, though, I did ponder: What if? What if Jesus did come back? Or, less eschatologically, what if I died that night? What if my tomorrow never came?

First reaction, "thank you, God, for this amazing life, for the blessings You've poured out unto me, for the opportunities, the family, the friends, everything." Gratefulness.

Second reaction, after reading my friend Lynnea's blog post, "have I lived up to my Calling?" As she asked, if Jesus came back today, "would you be coming back for me?.... Or would you pass me by?"

As time went on more and more Facebook statuses confirmed the Rapture had, in fact, not come (or if it did, heaven apparently has wifi). This leads me to believe the sun will probably still rise tomorrow. Yet in my mind the questions remain pertinent.

Yes, the crazies of the world give us something to laugh about, and doomsayers will always live amongst us. Instead of brushing them off, I will choose instead to heed their warnings as a reminder for introspection.

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Mom said...

You weren't alone in your introspection and feelings of "what if?"