Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 Years

10 years ago I couldn't imagine a new morning not consumed with thoughts of that one Day.

10 years later I rarely think of it. "We will never forget", I used to say. And I suppose I haven't. But my life, thousands of miles away, is no longer overwhelmed with empathy. I'll cry this Sunday morning, I'm sure. At the same time, we've reached a new normal. Thoughts of planes and buildings stopped consuming my waking hours.

What does one even say after 10 years? The world has changed: iPhones and apps, Google, wars, political infighting, the Harry Potter movies, cell phone ubiquitousness, wireless internet. And I have changed: theology, dreams, health, family, friends - my friends from 2001, less than a handful are still in my life today.

I think change is good. It's scary, it's among my great fears, but it's Good. Finding peace with a new world, and a new version of "normal", is good.

I also wanted to find some perspective here. 3000 people died 10 years ago this day. But in the US more than that die in car crashes every single month. In the US that many people die from cancer every two days. Worldwide that many people die from hunger every two hours.

My intent is not to belittle September 11. That day is permanently scarred in my memory. We will never forget. I will never forget. But the past will not hold me captive.

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Dolores said...

The past will not hold me captive either.

Buildings fell, so many lives were lost and thousands were physically scarred...Emotionally, millions.. We were scared! Evil had tried to take over our great American spirit, but lost! Our people didn't wait for other nations to come; we took immediate action to save who we could and rebuild.

Shortly after 9/11, I went to ground zero.. visited my friends who live and work in NYC and talked to people on the street. People were sad and hurt, but amazingly, still positive, helpful and thankful.

I'm proud to be an American!

The past gives me energy to make things better in this world.

I won't forget; but, as I grow older, my perspective does change.

I have many old and new friends who are out there doing something to make life better for others. Thank YOU! I'm proud to have GREAT friends who live for today and give me good memories for tomorrow!