Thursday, November 03, 2011

2008 in Review

Blast from the past: this post should have been written and published back in January 2009

In 2008, lots of stuff happened.

And every English teacher I've ever had just cringed at that atrociously terrible awful topic sentence.

Quick run-down:
  • In January I dyed my hair (red) for the very first time
  • In April my laptop was stolen
  • Also in April Marissa moved into her very own apartment! She'd lived with me while she got her feet back on the ground after coming back from Japan. After joking about being "married"for so long, we still call each other "honey"
  • I saw AWAKEN for the first time
  • In the last few months of college I spent a lot of time with friends, going to Applebees, and doing not very much homework
  • I achieved my goal of playing in Selah (Sunday night worship group at college) before graduation
  • I graduated from St Olaf College in May
  • After graduation I led the worship band at Abundant Life, a church in Northfield, for 5 months
  • At the end of May I got to be a stand-in for the movie Nobody, a major (but I think still technically indie?) film in town
  • In June I started working full-time at Minnehaha Academy
  • Also in June I helped chaperone a group of MA middle schoolers to Italy
  • I got an iPhone :)
  • Over summer I developed an online back-to-school forms database for parents to use instead of paper forms
  • Once a month for the next year I organized a group of musicians for The Mix, a worship service that combined youth groups from many of the Northfield churches
  • In September I joined AWAKEN for the 2008-2009 season
  • In October Marissa got baptized
  • In December was the Wildfire premiere... (read my friend Shawn's blog post about this atrocity)
  • Also in December my Grandpa Ray passed away
That's most of the big stuff. I did leave a few things out, but this gives a good bird's-eye view of the year.

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