Sunday, January 01, 2012

Goals update for 2011-2012

Some people call them New Year's Resolutions, but because I work in a school I set my goals in summer. Let's check in and see how I'm doing (considering I've forgotten completely what I had planned to be working on this year)

Play guitar more often, even when I don't "feel" like doing it

Learn basic chords on my banjo, even if I do not become an expert

Continue working toward my CD album

Finish post-production on The Vacationers, Paperclip, and start working again on Far Away
Progress, and hopefully both Vacationers and Paperclip will be done by summer. So, "not fail".

Read at least 1 more book
Well, if audio books count, then I've read FOUR! The Hunger Games trilogy, and the Steve Jobs biography.

Let God start leading and stop trying to force it
Constant battle, but I've drawn back quite a bit and am letting come what may.

Prioritize friends over work
Yes. Definitely done this. To the detriment of myself sometimes, though.

Keep diving straight into deep questions
Hm. I've grown a tad more confident in myself in starting conversations, but maybe not so much in the area of deep questions. I'll work on it.

Explore the wonders of Netflix
Done. I have large DVD and instant queues.

Discern my calling to Los Angeles, and what I hope to accomplish
Nope. Good thing the year isn't over yet.

Be honest with myself
Yes. I am this, if nothing else.

Become a more persuasive speaker

Eat healthier and exercise, even if it's "just" going on more walks
I need to get out walking more. I wouldn't call my diet a smashing success, but small steps toward progress, perhaps.

EEK. Long way to go in the next 7 months.

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