Monday, February 13, 2012

Pursuing Seminary: Step 1

It's all Peter Christ's fault.

Actually not. Fingers must also be pointed at my other seminarian friends: Marissa, Becca, Emmy, Grace, Julia and Zach, and Tim;* and at so many pastors who have influenced my life for the better, who have each, in their own way, pointed me this direction: Al Neibacher, Norm Kretzmann, Bob Farlee, Martin Seltz, Dave Elliott, Dan Bergstrom, Jeff Crafton, Bruce Benson, Jennifer Koenig, Will Healy, Dave Olson, Rolf Olson, Andy Nelson, Lew Anderson, Mike Wiens, Jon Anenson, and of course, Greg Meyer and Dawn Fuglestad.

But having coffee with Peter last week is what tipped me over the edge. I've pined over seminary for a long time. The idea and I have had a roller coaster love-hate, envious-but-terrified relationship for years. Time to turn words into action.

Who knows if the ELCA will take me or not. I guess I'll find out. Today I took my first step toward seminary: scheduling a "candidacy interview" for the morning of February 28.

Welcome to another adventure.

*to all my friends who have gone before, now is when you should probably warn me to run away screaming :)


Pastor Courtney Young said...

That Peter Christ. He'll get you every time.

Mom said...

Our prayers are always with you.

Brian Hallermann said...

The ELCA still keeps me as a member....I think you're good.