Monday, September 24, 2012

New Glasses for under $60

Advertising isn't my strongsuit, but, please allow me to shamelessly plug a fantastic website, introduced to me by my coworker Carl:

Zenni Optical,

What's so fantastic, you ask? Hundreds of dollars not spent, that's what's fantastic.

I haven't bought new glasses for a couple years, so I'm due. But like most of my friends, I don't have an extra $400 lying around burning a hole in my pocket. At Zenni, I didn't need $400. In fact, I didn't even need $60. That's right, for under $60, I got a pair of glasses, bendable titanium frame, special "expensive" oleophobic lenses (means they resist oil and fingerprints), and shipping. I ordered on September 12, and they arrived today, less than two weeks later.

At this price, I might get a few more pairs, just for fun. Maybe some bright pink frames...

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