Tuesday, May 06, 2014

What's the dream?

All the time I ask friends (heck, and strangers) "what's the dream? If income were no obstacle, what would you want to do with your life? What do you love?". Here are my own answers.

My most precious and important dream is to have a family. This trumps everything else.

Penultimately, assuming having a family can co-exist with another dream, then career-wise, here are what I'd love to find myself doing, if training and income and innate talent were no obstacles:
  • Chaplain on a movie set (this job does not exist as far as I know, but it should; maybe I'll be the first), or a chaplain in a prison, in a hospital, or on tour with a band
  • Produce / manage / somehow work on live concert or theatre productions
  • ASL interpreter at a mega-church, or touring Christian concert
  • Movie producer (movies like Bridge to Terabithia, Moonrise Kingdom, Soul Surfer, or any of my other favorites that inspire)
  • Worship leader / singer / songwriter / performer
  • FEMA / disaster management (ever since I saw Volcano as a child, I've thought about this career idea)
  • Reality TV host
  • Stay-at-home-Dad (one of my close friends and mentors is a stay-at-home-Dad, and seeing his career choice opened my mind to the possibility for myself)

Most importantly though, any job by which I can provide for my family's needs, would be a fine job. Right now I'm a missionary in Corporate America, and I really like what I do; staying where I'm at for the rest of my career, would also be wonderful.

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Mom said...

Never stop dreaming!