Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Wedding FAQs, June edition

Have you picked a date yet?

Yes! November 4, 2016

Jeremy, I noticed you're wearing a ring now; did you elope?

Nope, that's my engagement ring! I've long lamented in this country that women get to wear engagement rings and men don't, so I bought myself one and asked Alissa to give it to me.

If you're already wearing a ring, what will you use for your wedding band?

For both Alissa and me, our engagement rings will also serve as our wedding rings.

Is it true there's going to be a Ring Bear at the wedding?

It's true! We were hoping to dress up Alissa's younger brother in a bear costume, but that got veto'd, so instead we plan on having a Beanie Baby bear sitting up front, as our Ring Bear.

Jeremy, why are you so involved in wedding planning? Shouldn't Alissa be doing all that and just tell you when/where to show up?

Alissa and I have basically flip-flopped traditional gender roles when it comes to wedding planning - while she's still very involved, I've been taking the lead on much of it. This has in turn led to a fair number of conversations about making it "our" wedding vs "my" wedding, which we've mostly worked through.

Do you need any help?

If you have creative (and inexpensive) ideas how to decorate a gymnasium to look nice for a reception, then yes, please email me! Or, if you'd be available on November 3rd and morning of the 4th to help decorate said gymnasium, let us know, because we'd love to have your help.

What shenanigans will you get into for your bachelor party? Is there going to be a "Gus Bus"?

My Best Woman Marissa is in charge of planning all shenanigans for the bachelor party. All I've done is suggest that I love laser tag, and key lime pie. The rest is up to her!

Is your wedding going to be the best day of your life?

I certainly hope not. Our wedding day will be phenomenal, absolutely, but if it's the best day ever, then that means everything afterward is all down hill, and then that sure doesn't give me much to look forward to. I'm excited for our wedding day, and I'm also excited for the days of real life that come after it.

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