Saturday, January 06, 2007

Giving as Jesus Gave

I am now over halfway to being a gallon blood donor, but for the first time yesterday morning after donating, something really amazing finally sunk in with me, something I'd thought about before but not really grasped: I realised just how Biblical it is for us as Christians to donate blood. Human blood is a life-giving substance, and human bodies are the only ones able to make it - for as much else as they might be able to do, we don't have machines that can take the place of a human in blood manufacturing. What makes the donation so Biblical is the amazing parallel between Jesus allowing His blood to be shed in order to save us, and now we, too, are able to bleed to help save the lives of others. I might even argue we are called to do so. What better way to truly be Christ to the world? What an awesome way of serving God and caring for others!

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