Monday, January 29, 2007

My Lenten Devotion

I wrote this as a contribution for the Lenten Devotion booklet that is put out by the St Olaf Student Congregation:

In the busy-ness of school and work, I too often find myself at a loss for time to spend with just me and Jesus. I'm worrying about earning high marks on homework when I should maybe be focusing a little more on my spiritual life. I'm so busy fussing over how I look to the outside world, how people see me, what they think about me, that I forget to spend time remembering that God loves me just the way I am. I'm so insecure in my daily living, wondering if my friends truly like me or if they're just putting up with me until I go away, that I neglect to pay attention to the voice of the One who never tires of my company, the One who so eagerly longs for the time when I'll return back in prayer.

I go to Church on Sunday, Bible study on Thursday, and I even work part-time at a Christian high school, but still the world has made me feel so far away. And so I pray...

Lord, I ask that You would move in my life again, that You would speak to my heart, my soul
In these days of longing, Lord, I pray to feel Your close presence, to hear Your voice clearly again
I pray, Lord, that You would help me tune out this noisy, distracting world
That You would refocus my energy, my life, into Your service once more
That You might fade away the intrusive pains from my past
And that You would give me the strength to change these mere words into a new day, a renewed life

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