Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reflections on Awaken - Part 2

One post apparently wasn't enough for me. So much more came to mind as soon as I hit "Publish".

The physicality of AWAKEN caught me off-guard: lots of running during Creation; a sword fight, swinging around a not-at-all-light-weight sword; running away from the roman guards, and so on. Definitely helped get me into "the zone".

To be a witness and participant in the majesty of Creation - how awesome and amazing and exciting and so many emotions for which I do not even have words. How beautiful to see the promise of Heaven, to be an angel welcoming "Our Gal" Home. Chris Tomlin's Glory in the Highest brings me instantly to tears, it will forever be inextricably linked to these emotions, to the promise of life after death.

My role last weekend as Peter - I deny Jesus three times, I stare into His eyes, then I run away. At the Cross after He dies, have I ever thought what the disciples were feeling? AWAKEN brings that story alive to me: what were those emotions?

Courtney gave me the suggestion, think how you'd feel if your best friend had just been killed. Well. I think I caught her off-guard. Not my best friend, but I told her about Katherine. Courtney had heard her story, and actually because of it, she's brought friends along when she goes to interviews from Craigslist. That detail struck me.

When I, as Peter, approached the Cross, I saw Matt hanging there, but in my mind I was thinking of Katherine, putting myself in that dark place, and the sniffles and tears were real, that wasn't acting.

AWAKEN needs to be experienced, it is beyond words, beyond description. Being a part of the team, how humbling, how incredible, to help tell a Story so much bigger than me.

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