Thursday, April 05, 2012

Supper, and a nap

(Part 1 of 4)

My feet are clean. You washed them while we ate and drank. You're kinda weird, but I like you.

Why did tonight feel so different? Everyone was somber. While the reprieve from Peter's stories might have been refreshing, something just felt... off... – could it be I actually missed Peter's joking and embellished fish tales? Almost as if, this was my last chance to hear them, before... before what?

Something's in the air. Maybe that's why Judas rushed off so soon, he could sense the storm coming. Maybe.

Time to go? Okay. It was delicious, really. In my humble opinion, a meal worthy of history. Well, I guess, maybe not quite that amazing. It's not as if this is the last meal we'll all eat together, right? Haha.

You're not laughing.

Sorry, it sounded funny in my head. Hey, wait up! Where are we going? It's a little late to plant in the gardens, isn't it? I'm confused. You know when I said you're weird, I guess I still haven't gotten used to it. You've led us places I never thought I'd see. We've met people I never thought I'd meet; we've seen... miracles... I never thought I'd believe in miracles.

This rock looks comfortable. I mean, as comfortable as a rock can be. Which I suppose isn't very comfortable, but my belly's full and I'm tired. Pray? Oh, yes, I'll pray.

I wonder if God really hears our prayers? Does God care? John always says God does. Is he right? Oh well, doesn't matter. You said pray, so I'll pray:

"Alaha, Abba, God of Abraham and Moses, whoever you are, I pray for your presence tonight. Everyone's tense. The Rabbi is speaking riddles again, and we know not what they mean. Help us to understand, that we ... –"


What? I fell asleep? I'm so sorry, I'll try harder next time.

Do you hear that? Peter? Do you hear that? It sounds like a crowd. Sounds like they are close. And it sounds like they aren't happy.


Michelle Griep said...

Excellent post, Jeremy. Perfect for the day. Thanks for sharing.

Mom said...

I sense that this is the beginning of a longer story...