Thursday, October 21, 2010


Children scare me.* And yet I imagine some day having my own. Presumably my perspective will have changed by that time.

While driving recently, children were on my mind. And so was adoption. It's probably the first time I honestly asked myself the question, could adoption play a role in my future life?

I think it probably could.

*though not as terribly as worms; children do not generally evoke the same girlish screams of terror, full-body tremors, and irrational dread of stepping on them. Not usually, anyway.


®┬║ss said...

They are growing on you :-)

Dolores said...

Worms scare you worse than kids? Oh my! Kids love to play with worms and if your future kid knows you are scared of worms he/she will put them in your bed just for laughs ;) and yes, I think adoption is a wonderful option for a variety of reasons!

Suz said...

I have a bunch of links to send you on this topic. I was going to post them here but then it was taking them too long to find them, so I'm going to email them to you, but I figured I'd comment anyway, because blog comments are so exciting.

Anyway, adoption is an interesting issue.