Monday, October 18, 2010

Pride and Passion

I was blessed with the opportunity to speak in chapel at Minnehaha earlier this month. Here's the video.

Special thanks to Jeff Crafton for the opportunity, Rich Enderton for video taping, and Brian Hallermann for lighting and recording me.


Dolores said...

I have NEVER seen you as a prideful jerk! I think we forget, myself included, that not everyone knows what we know or don't know. Perceptions are different. We learn from each other. Thank you for sharing part of your story. This is a wonderful gift and ministry.. and with your permission, I'd love to share this with others. On a personal note, bring that guitar of yours to a bonfire, one night and let's sing :) Never heard you play before!~

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, you really put yourself into this. It has to mean a lot to the students, and the faculty, to see someone share so deeply and earnestly from themselves. This is the sort of discourse that builds the kingdom within and among us. Thank you.