Wednesday, June 15, 2011


In my Christmas video I announced plans to move to Los Angeles in January 2012. After visiting again in February/March, I hoped to move even sooner, perhaps even this summer. I purchased moving boxes, and proceeded to box up much of my life. My parents have continued to be extremely supportive, more than I could ever ask. Though I had not decided an exact date, my departure seemed sooner rather than later.

Two months ago some financial “stuff” came up (an unexpected $1300 car bill being among that), and I forced myself to look at the reality of moving soon. Credit card debt + no tangible savings = not possible. Not if I wanted to give myself a chance at success.

Therefore, while I do still plan to move, I know I cannot responsibly do so for at least another year.

At first I was in denial. Once I reached acceptance, I went a step further, to what my boss and I call the 6th stage of grief: empowerment. Acceptance is passive, empowerment is active. I have the gift of an extra year; what am I going to do with it?

For one, it means I can fully commit to AWAKEN for the next season. I can visit close friends in Chicago in September. I can visit LA again over Halloween (somewhat fulfilling my promise to myself that I would be in LA by that date). I can continue Bad Movie Night with my friends. I can continue making movies with Roo and John and Erin. I can keep spending time with my friends and family in Minneapolis. I might be given the opportunity to attend WWDC12.

In short, I can take full advantage of this gift of extra time. It wasn’t my original plan - I think it will be even better. I have faith. I’m not used to waiting for things - I’m accustomed to the American culture of instant gratification. My forced delay will serve as much needed exercise in patience.

I want to close by reassuring you, my friends, my family, that I do not have regrets. Plans change, realities change, and I’m okay with that. I’m looking forward to this year. Because, when I look back at who I was and where I was one year ago now, wow, what an adventure it’s been. The next year will be no different.

Let’s go.

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Joanna said...

I'm really glad you're so good with this, Jeremy. I'm sure it was quite hard to come to terms with, but I think you're making a safe choice (not that you need my validation) in the long run. :)