Thursday, May 25, 2006

Home Again

School is over! And summer is here! Time to relax, right?

I wish.

After tearful goodbyes to some very dear friends, hours of packing, and hours of loading the van, I moved out of Larson hall Tuesday night, and arrived home too tired to even think about unloading. It's now Thursday, and just today was I able to finish unloading the van, no small part of which made its way into a new mini-storage space we rented for my college stuff. The remainder has made its way into the house, or, more specifically, onto the floor in my room, where it is sitting until I have a chance to deal with it.

Of course, when I move my life home from college, I can't do it without saying, "hey, why don't I rearrange my entire room?" So that's how the process started - moving shelf contents across the room, resorting papers, pulling some stuff out into the middle of the floor to make room for other homeless books and equipment, etc. Of course, the benefit is obvious: now things actually have some semblance of organisation about them! Well, at least the things that are sitting happily on their shelves - my poor closet is another matter. Anyway, that's my weekend project.

But room cleaning, no matter how much fun it is (and yes, I do consider it to be fun), will have to take a back seat to callbacks for Harry Putter this Saturday! We had so many wonderful people come to audition last week that I'm now faced with the pleasant problem of having too many good choices.

And then it's back to work! Yes, starting next Tuesday, I'll once again be picking up my employment in the Technology department at Minnehaha Academy. I really do love the job, and it'll keep me pleasantly busy this summer in between friends, filmmaking, and vacationing. I'm really aiming for a good mix of those - we'll see how well I've learned from summers past.

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