Friday, May 05, 2006

The return of the blog

Before my site redesign last year, I had, to some degree, maintained a weekly posting of my life and adventures (a so-called "blog", I was told). But then, life got busy, and I stopped writing. Part of it was that I just didn't feel a need anymore, part was that I didn't want to make the time, and part was that, whatever small readership I may have had, there was no open channel available for communication.

But things have changed in the world - with the advent of the internet in seemingly every household, a new, special kind of information flow has been created in the form of blogs, the obligatory communication method not only of geeks and other computer nerds, but of the common user! Even better, sites like this one offer these services to their users for free. Hmm, said I. The intrigue had begun.

And now I've come to several conclusions. Firstly, 'everyone' has a blog, and I actually consider myself a bit of a non-geek for not having one. Well, we couldn't have that, now could we? Secondly, for the one or two people who may read this, there's all those built in features for comments and feedback. Nice. And thirdly, selfishly, writing here will allow me a journal of sorts in which I can log important and not so important events in my life. This seems like a better solution than trying to keep track of the various bits of electronic scrap paper I have lying around my computer.

And with that, we have the return of Jeremy's blog, and an incentive for me to hone my mad writing skills. Welcome ~

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