Monday, November 04, 2013

Where's Jeremy (2013) - Part 1: A logistical summary - April

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I started ComedySportz's level II improv class, with lots of the same faces from level I, as well as my good friend Allie - she'd already gone through Level III and was going to repeat it, but they didn't have enough students sign up, so she joined my level II class instead!

In a different friend group, I started hosting Star Wars movie nights for two friends who'd never ever seen the movies. I was unaware such people even existed. Now Hannah and Alee finally understand the references we make, like "It's a trap!" and "these are not the <fill in the blank> you're looking for."

My coworker Wendy (who trained me in at Cray a year ago) invited me along in her friend-group of musical-goers to see Aida at Minnetonka High School. Let me take a step back and say on record: standing ovations are given far too easily these days - it's rare to see a production that truly deserves one. But Minnetonka's Aida, wow. Just, wow. It took until intermission before I realized there was a live orchestra - the music was so flawless, I thought they were playing back a recording! The singers - high schoolers - had amazing voices, absolutely blew me away. Without question, they earned their standing applause.

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