Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Where's Jeremy (2013) - Part 1: A logistical summary - May

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For three weeks I took an hiatus from programming on the casting database.

Around this time my friends Joe, Alee, Hannah, Richard, and a few others, started frequenting Merlin's Rest, a pub very near my house. I'm not sure what this says about us, but by the time of this writing, the wait staff doesn't even card us anymore, because they all know us. Our frequent waitress Jess also takes great joy in picking out fun new drinks for me (she knows my standing order is "something pink, fruity, and alcoholic; the pink is optional"). Kinda cool to be a "regular."

Later in May I served food to the poor and homeless with my friend Darrell and his group of people he calls "Salt Shakers". This was my first experience serving in a food line and, while I don't want to belittle my problems as unimportant, the experience certainly gave me some perspective.

As a fun little programming side project, I was hired by Street Factory Media, a local advertising firm, to create a computer animation for some food trucks they were helping launch. I used the little-known Quartz Composer to create an animation, pulling data from a web API to display titles of upcoming music/sporting events for each of the three cities where the food trucks would be. It was fun... but also stressful - the end-client (not SFM - they were great) was not very cooperative when I asked for information, and I ended up having to figure out a lot of extra details that should not have been my responsibility. Like so often happens: live and learn.

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