Sunday, November 03, 2013

Where's Jeremy (2013) - Part 1: A logistical summary - March

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Kicking off what quickly turned my conversations into a broken record, I began work on March 1 on an online extras casting database for the company I run, Samaritan Casting.

After years of suffering year-round allergies, and seeing dwindling results from prescription meds, I started allergy shots - once a week, shot in each arm. As of this writing (August) I've worked up to what they call a "maintenance" dose, so now only need to go for shots bi-weekly. (Update: as of the actual publishing date, I'm back to once a week, because my allergies this summer have been that miserable).

You might dread taxes, but mine were exciting! Between leaving full-time employment at Minnehaha to become a contractor at Cray, starting on COBRA, dealing with HSA reimbursements, and taking over a small business, my money was well-spent to let someone else deal with all my 2012 tax details. Conveniently, it happens that one of my movie-making friends' wife is a CPA; Cheryl and I met early in 2012, she gave me guidance throughout the year, and then when it came to tax time, she made the whole experience as painless as it possibly could be. If you ever need a tax person, ping me and I'll put you in touch with her.

Mid-month, I wrapped up taking the level I improv class at ComedySportz in Uptown. I have no ambition to be an on-stage performer there (they call them "actletes": a combination actor + athlete), the class was just for fun, for personal growth, and to push myself out of my comfort zone. Missions accomplished.

Also mid-month, I road-tripped south to Des Moines for AWAKEN friends Blair and Alica's wedding, and got to spend quality time with other AWAKEN folks there. Once again my heart was reminded how torn I am between three cities I could call "home" (Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Des Moines/Ames).

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