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Where's Jeremy (2013) - Part 1: A logistical summary - September

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My friend John (the same one who worked on extras casting for the movie) celebrated his 42nd birthday with a dinner party at Southdale, and proved to me once again how small our world is: one of his close friends at dinner was the twin brother of the Apple rep I used to work with when I was at Minnehaha. Also, I simply enjoyed being able to hang out with a bunch of 40-somethings, and still feel like I fit in. (I think that speaks more to my maturity than their lack of :)

Two years after being introduced to the soundtrack of Wicked, my "one short day" arrived and I finally got to see it performed live, right here in Minneapolis. I learned again that no one mourns the wicked, no good deed goes unpunished, and most importantly, that I can defy gravity. My favorite moments were: finally seeing all the in-between scenes that happen between songs, and also what I call Galinda's "forehead flick", where she gestures with her hand as if to flick something off Elphaba's forehead, metaphorically flicking negative thoughts away; I loved it, because this is something I literally, physically do, too! (call me crazy, it's fine). Finally, the most meaningful moment for me: near the end, Elphaba is saying goodbye to Glinda, and tells her "Don't try to clear my name. You have the chance to be everything that I couldn't." It's something I relate to very personally.

Friends Hannah and Richard (from the Merlin's Gang) tied the knot at a beautiful outdoor ceremony. Favorite moment might have been Hannah walking down the aisle to the non-traditional-wedding song "Han Solo and the Princess" - fitting, given Richard's love for Star Wars. The ice cream bar was a close second in favorites. Fun evening, got to hang out with good people, and I took away a few new ideas for my own wedding some day. (for the record: when it comes to planning my wedding day, there will be none of this "whatever you want, Honey" cliché business - I have a LONG list of opinions and will be actively involved in planning!)

My friend Joe and I have been attending an evening church called Upper Room for almost a year now. Joe and I were roommates in college, then sort of lost touch when he did his masters program abroad, but now I'd say we're pretty close friends again. I typically haven't had many male "best" friends, so I really like that we get to hang out each week and touch base on our lives, give and take advice, and so on. That's an aside. At Upper Room, the last Sunday of each month there's a group of 20/30-somethings that meet at a bar for what they call "UR Connect", a chance for folks to hang out and get to know other people from church. I'd never gone before, but in the desire to push myself out of my comfort zone (and let's be honest, maybe meet someone from church that I'd like to ask out?), Joe and I and our friend Sarah all went to this month's UR Connect gathering. In an effort of "expectation management," I set my expectations to: "meet one new person, male or female, from Upper Room." And we did just that. It turned out the woman we met had friends in common with Sarah, so, small world again.

Lastly, in September I finally splurged and bought myself a Franklin Mint 3D Star Trek chess set that I've wanted since I was little. It was expensive, and smaller than I'd thought, but after years and years of pining, I'm happy to finally own one. Now I just need someone to play against...

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